5 Things We Can Learn From Harvey Specter From ‘Suits’

We learn through imitation. We take certain aspects and traits from our role models and mould them to our own personalities. As gentlemen, we take lessons from both real and fictional role models who we aspire to be like to better ourselves.

An iconic fictional mentor that we can all learn something from is Harvey Specter from the TV series 'Suits'. Why? Because Harvey is a man who possesses many characteristics that will lead to a successful life.

Harvey is a respected lawyer, known as ‘the best closer in New York City.’ 'What would Harvey Do' is a mantra worth keeping in mind. Here are the lessons we can learn from the one and only Harvey Specter.


Your Appearance Reflects Your Mentality

Dress sloppy, and you're thoughts are unclear and misleading. Dress sharp, and your mindset will be clear and precise.

They say you only have once chance to make a good first opinion. Your appearance is crucial to your success. The way you present yourself has a direct correlation to the way people perceive you. Do you want people to respect and take you seriously? Then you need to first respect yourself, and dress to your standards of your self worth.

A good place to start is with a classy timepiece. Whether its standing out with a skeleton timepiece, or a classic quartz. 


Keep A Level Head No Matter The Situation

Getting emotional and worked up in a tough situation does you no good. As they say, 'there is no point crying over spilt milk'. Acting on this stoic mindset puts you ahead of the 99% of men who react to situations rather than taking control.

They say pressure makes diamonds, but this is only true for those who don’t let the pressure of the situation get to them. Like Harvey, you need to control your mind, and keep your composure at the toughest of times. Something not going to plan at work? As yourself: 'What would Harvey Do?' Drop the emotions, centre yourself, and figure out a solution.

Keeping calm in stressful situations is the key factor that separates the strong from the weak.



Don't Complain About Problems, Fix Them

Want to be a valued employee? Learn to fix problems instead of wasting your time explaining problems to your superiors.

Would Harvey ever walk into a room and complain? No. He would spend his time more constructively by figuring out a solution to the problem. He would use the problem as an opportunity to stand out from the rest of the crowd. And THAT is why he is a partner in his law firm.

Next time you're faced with a problem at work, do not complain. Expend that mental energy finding a solution, and then fix it. Doing this will put you ahead of most other men.


You'll Lead A Boring Life If You Don't Take Risks

The greatest risk you can ever take in life is taking no risks at all. It's true that nothing worth having comes easy. Similarly, nothing worth achieving has no risk involved.

Want to reach success by playing it safe? Good luck. It's our ability to analyse a situation, and take risks, that make us successful. If risk wasn't part of the equation, then everyone would be successful.

The thing is that risk isn't so bad once you commit. It's like jumping a few feet from one platform to another 10,000 feet in the air. The drop would lead to death. But you know that you can make the jump. All you need to do is analyse the situation, and then commit 100%.

Apply this risk taking to your life, and you'll achieve what most other men just dream of.



Sometimes You Need To Break The Rules To Get What You Want

Rules are man made. Once you realise that someone, no smarter then you have made them, it opens up a world of possibility. Don't break the law. But rules...well you can bend them to get what you want out of your life.

Rules in your job or in social situations, are guidelines. Maybe you're taking a business prospect out to lunch to discuss a contract. Your work rule says your budget is $100 for food and drinks. But this prospect wants to stay for a few more scotches and you think you can close the deal.

Whats more important? Going over the budget, or signing this client? Break or bend the rules when you need to. 

Remember, What Would Harvey Do?

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