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If you have a spare $75,000,000 You Can Buy Tom Ford’s Ranch

Whether you know Tom Ford from his fashion line, or have seen him in a lavish tux on the red carpet with an entourage of super models - one thing is for certain - this man is a baller. Even Jay Z laid down a track about him...Hey, you haven't truely made it until Jay raps about you, right?

Mr Ford is heading into the business end of 2016 by putting Cerro Pelon, Ford’s ranch near Sante Fe, New Mexico, on the market for a reported $75 million. That's alot of zeros for a ranch...

Covering 20,662 of the most quintessentially ranch acres you’re likely to see, the main residence on Cerro Pelon was designed by renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando. In addition to the stunning main building, the property comprises staff quarters, a number of guest houses, a landing strip (obviously), stables, indoor and outdoor menages, and most importantly – ‘Silverado Movie Town’, which was a film set built in 1985 for Silverado, and which has subsequently been used in All the Pretty Horses, Wild, Wild West, and Thor.

Like what you see and got that kind of cash lying around ? Kevin Bobolsky has the listing.

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