What In The World Is Pitti Uomo?

You've probably seen some impeccably well dressed men pop up on your IG feed with the hashtag #pitti in the past few weeks. Why? Recently Pitti Uomo 2016 was on in Florence, Italy - and a whole lot of very well styled men from all over the globe gathered to showcase the years best trends. 

Over here at VODRICH HQ, we’re loving the latest street style that Pitti Uomo has to offer. From the sharpest and slickest suits around, to some of the best street style that we’ve seen, Pitti Uomo has it all. For sure, a lot of the styles are on the extravagant side, but if you pick and choose, you'll find some exceptional styles that you can rock in your day to day. 

What is Pitti Uomo

Pitti Uomo, or Pitti Immagine is a bi-annual event that takes place in Florence, Italy at the Fortezza da Basso. It’s a trade show where designers and brands from all over the world come together to showcase their brand to potential stockists or different shops. Pitti Uomo is the creme of the crop when it comes to some of the best street style in the world. With a sartorial edge, each and every man that peacocks (just likes to be seen, also know as Pitti Peacocking) can be seen decked out in the latest trends and styles that are circling the world of menswear.

Pitti Uomo Street Style

We’ve compiled what we think are the best street style images for you to have a flick through. Whether you’re interested in suits that come in a multitude of colours and patterns, or you’re more a streetwear aficionado, you're sure to find something you will want to emulate. 

All photo credit: Peter Xu, follow him on Instagram.

Men in Suits at Pitti Uomo

Suits are what it's all about at Pitti. Why not rock a double breasted suit that will elevate your style. Here's an example below of a classic double breasted look, in light and dark blue. Personally, we dig the dark blue and brown features. 

That said, pastel colours are very popular at Pitti Uomo. It's not rare to see someone sporting a pale blue or white suit. 

When we say colour, we mean colour. This sartorially educated man takes a pink suit and makes it seem so casual and effortless. Maybe not the look if you don't want to stand out, but if you have some flair, it's on point. 

Texture was a big theme this year, just take a look at this dapper chap. Go for a tweed number or seersucker suit to add texture and detail to your look.

It's all about standing out, and these bright yellow and subtle burgundy suits, do just that. 

If you’re feeling daring enough, then go for a white suit. Adding colour and detail into your look with a few accessories will make all the difference, as this Pitti Peacock knows all about.

Playing around with both texture and colour will create a totally different look. This Pitti Uomo follower teams a darker yellow suit with a pinstripe waistcoat underneath in the same hue.

They say that nothing beats the classics, and these stylish guys no exactly that. Teaming classic pieces together whilst incorporating a modern twist never hurts.

Men in Patterned Suits at Pitti Uomo

Pattern is a big deal when you’re attending Pitti Uomo as it can get you photographed by all of those street style photographers. Keeping it casual whilst having the full impact of a patterned waistcoat, it creates a cracking and subtly detailed look.

If you’re really feeling the pattern, then you can always go for a full blown patterned blazer. Just remember to keep your outfit underneath simple, so it’s not too in-your-face.

And On That Note

Pitti Uomo, or Pitti Immagine is a great place to see some of the latest trends to hit the world of menswear. From slick suits to stylish and modern streetwear, Pitti has it all. By adding in colour and texture into your look, you can easily sport a Pitti Uomo ready look in no time at all. Don't forget to make sure your wrist is on point also!

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