Finding a watch that won't break the bank yet is perfect for the summer time can be a tough task. What exactly is a watch perfect for summer? It should not only be stylish, with an extra dose of color, but should also be wearable to dress up or down. Whether you're going to a party on a summer evening with friends, or you're just spending time taking in the summer vibes; a timepiece perfect for summer should be able to accomodate any outfit you're rocking for any occasion. 

We've put together 3 styles of watches that are perfect for summer. The common themes are color, comfort, and wearability for casual or dressed up occasions. 


What makes the diver style so perfect for summer is that it was originally designed for, yep, you guessed it - divers. It's a classic utility watch that has made its way to mainstream wrist wear fashion. The Diver watch has the historic significance of an every day watch, but can also be dressed up. It is one of the very few styles that can be dressed down with pants and a tee, or dressed up with a suit & tie. That is the beauty of the Diver Watch and why it is the perfect style for summer. 


Summer style isn't only about looking good, it's also about being comfortable in what you're wearing. Sometimes, when you're out and about in the heat, a leather strap watch can be uncomfortable, or if you're really breaking a sweat; not the best for the leather itself. But alas, the perfect timepiece for summer is a stylish rubber strap timepiece. Generally, a timepiece with a rubber strap should have a 'sporty' look to it - this ensures continuity in the design of a performance piece that can also be dressed up with any outfit. Take a look at our Time Shift, which sports an elegant yet durable rubber flex strap paired with a mechanical movement. 


There is no better time to see the world, travel, and just get lost, then the summer time. The mood is better, the days are longer, and the opportunity to see a new part of the world is beckoning during the summer time. For the explorers, the Dual Time Zone watch is a must - not only for style, but for function. A dual time watch allows you to set the local and home time for both zones - so if you're on the other side of the world, you know exactly what time it is back home with a quick look at your wrist. It's form meeting function, and is surprisingly useful for the modern traveller - particularly if you like to leave technology back in the hotel when exploring. 


Summer is about adding a pop of color to your look. Currently, rose gold is the most popular gold (other golds including yellow gold, coffee gold, etc) and it is also perfect for summer because it works impeccably well with vibrant colors such as blues or greens. There's something very elegant about rose gold, that is both masculine but also works well with alot of styles or colors and can be dressed up or dressed down for most summer occasions. For this reason, a classic rose gold timepiece had to be on the list. 

So there it is - our top 3 styles are Diver, Rubber Strap, and Dual Time Zone watches. Did we leave any out? Drop us a line in the comments if you think so! #vodrich

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Style,sophistication and all wrapped up in a stunning twin dial watch oozing quality. Well done guys an affordable watch with class.

Kevin June 24, 2016

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