We love working with people we believe in and admire. If you were chosen to be part of #THEVODRICHFAM, it is because we have the same values, style and we believe that we can build something amazing together. We strongly believe that our success is tied to the success of the influencers we work with.

Our aim is to make products that you genuinely like wearing and would want to share with your audience. If you receive a product and don’t like it, please don’t post about it and talk with us - communication is vital. We want to make sure WE are a good fit for YOU. As in a real family, we are all contributing parts of a greater whole where both parts benefit from it.


No spam. No salesy pitches. Just your awesome content, with our great products.

1.We send you our products to create the post with

2. We agree on a date range to make the post (e.g. between the 12th - 15th August)

3. You make the post (following the guidelines below)

4.Together we observe the results and decide future steps


Content Requirements

1.Ensure the photo showcases VR logo on the watch OR, if doing a flatly, also the VR logo on the watch box.

2. Ensure the post features @vodrich and #thevodrichfam in the caption. We recommend having the first line of the post being an organic caption, and seperating the @vodrich and #thevodrichfam section with spaces.

3. Ensure Vodrich is properly tagged where the watch or the box is

4. Feel free to insert a call to action in the caption that would incentive your audience to discover Vodrich


1.Don’t post anything that could be deemed offensive or inappropriate.

2. Don’t post low res photos

3. Don’t feature luxury cars like Ferrari (Audi, BMW, Mercedes is fine)

4. Don’t feature suits or other elements that don’t fit the VODRICH lifestyle

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