Depending on the model, our timepieces use one of the below three movements:
- Manual Self-Wind 
- Automatic Self-Wind 
- Quartz Japanese Miyota Precision Movement

To find out what type of movement your watch has, see the ‘Details’ tab on it's product page. We recommend reading the below information before wearing your new VODRICH timepiece to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. 



Wearing a mechanical timepiece is an homage to a time-honored art and tradition that dates back more than two centuries and allows one to see the intricate details on the movement in the dial. There are two types of Mechanical movements:
1. Manual Self-Wind
2. Automatic Self-Wind

Automatic Self-Wind watches use a semi-circular weighted rotor to generate motion. The normal movements from your arm and wrist cause the rotor to move back and forth which automatically wind the watch. Manual wind watches are similar to Automatics however they do not have an automatic rotor and therefore Manuals need to be wound more regularly.



1. For a self-winding watch to function properly, the mainspring must build up a sufficient power reserve. This is called the initiation process.  Without the initiation process, the watch will never operate properly or consistently. 

2. To initiate the power reserve, the watch must be wound manually.  Turn the winding crown at the 3 o’clock position, in a clockwise direction for about 20 revolutions. **ENSURE THE CROWN IS NOT PULLED OUT** It should not move the hands. (Please do not continue to wind your timepiece you feel that the spring is already fully loaded otherwise the clockwork may be damaged) 

3. After completion of the initiation process, the watch will wind itself automatically (rebuilding the power reserve) by means of an oscillation weight that shifts every time the watch’s position is changed by the action of the arm and wrist. Put on your watch and swing your wrist back and forth for approximately 30 seconds to initialize power reserve.

A self-winding watch should be worn at least 6-8 hours a day to maximize the power reserve.  If this is not possible, or if the watch has been off the wrist for more than 15-20 hours, the initiation process must be repeated. We hope this makes sense, if you have any issues please don't hesitate to ask.

For manual wind watches, you should wind your timepiece each morning or evening to ensure there are sufficient power reserves.



Our quartz timepieces use a Japanese Miyota Precision Movement with a Sony Battery. Quartz watches do not require winding. Before wearing, simply remove the plastic time stopper on the crown, which will activate the battery. Pull the crown/pin and set the correct time. 



Our Deep Dive timepieces have steel bands that have removeable links to better fit your wrist. We strongly recommend taking your watch to a local watch repairer or jewelers who will be able to remove links very quickly for a small price. If you have the correct tools available, you can remove the links yourself. Here is a tutorial video which shows you how to remove steel band links. 



All of our pieces are 3ATM Water Resistant for DAILY USAGE ONLY. A few drops of water will not damage it, however wearing it in the shower or swimming will cause damage. To be safe, avoid contact with water as much as possible. Water damage is not covered under warranty.



All bracelets are only water resistant for daily usage. Please do not wear in shower or swimming. We also recommend not wearing them during sports or other activities as this may contribute to color fading from the sweat. Do not spray cologne or deodorant on them as this will also contribute to color fade.

To make the bracelet tighter or looser on your wrist, you must adjust the loop size. To do this, hold onto the large slip knot at the base of the loop. While holding the knot, pull the long string to make the loop smaller, or pull the loop side to make it longer. This will adjust the sizing on your wrist.