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Life Fitness

Certified Used Life Fitness 93T Treadmill

Certified Used Life Fitness 93T Treadmill

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The 93T model provides the ultimate treadmill workout from the beginning walker, all the way up to the top Triathletes from around the world! This treadmill brand is synonymous with Ultra High Quality Design, Durability and Reliability. More health clubs around the world come to depend on these amazing treadmills to satisfy there most demanding of clients. If you seek the very best in commercial treadmills, your search is over!

  • Biomechanicall Correct - Ergonomically-correct handlebars and siderails.
  • Flexdeck™ Shock Absorption System - Reduces knee and joint stress by up to 30% more than non-cushioned surfaces, decreasing the chance for injury. Eight incredibly durable Lifespring™ shock absorbers deliver consistent cushioning.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring - Polar telemetry provides runners with accurate, ”hands-free” heart rate monitoring.
  • DX3™ Belt and Deck System - This groundbreaking system combines a lubricant-infused belt, Advanced Belt Tracking System (ABTS™) and our patented FlexDeck™ Shock Absorption System for the ultimate in durability and comfort.
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