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True Fitness

True Fitness Alpine Runner Incline Treadmill

True Fitness Alpine Runner Incline Treadmill

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The ultimate example of our commitment to excellence, the TRUE Alpine Runner Incline Trainer delivers a dynamic workout for your users while being easy to monitor and maintain for you.

Features of the Alpine Runner, such as the custom programs of the Monument Workouts, keep your users engaged with their workouts and happy with their membership. Studies show that the Alpine Runner is more effective at burning fat and calories than a standard treadmill.

Help members achieve their toughest fitness goals with the perfect combination of traditional treadmill and incline trainer, giving them a unique and more efficient workout experience.

  • Patented Incline System reduces motor wear and tear over time.
  • Dual Brake for reliable workout performance.
  • Deck Cushioning System relieves impact on joints.
  • Vertical Upper Handgrips provide support at even the highest inclines.


      Envision 16 Console - A 16″ high-definition touchscreen with workout programs, outside interactive videos, and integrated technology and entertainment options. Adjustable volume and channel controls, single-port HDMI for mirroring, and Bluetooth connectivity for audio. Features Apple GymKit technology so users can connect their Apple Watch and keep all their metrics in sync.
      • Apple Watch Compatibility
      • Optional Mirroring
      • Built-In Workout Programs
      • Screen Customization to Promote Your Brand
      • Entertainment, Internet Access, and Social Media
      • Bluetooth & Polar Device Compatible
      • Compatible for Apple® and Android™
      • Asset Tracking with ECOFIT®

      Showrunner II Console - Provides simplified and personal viewing for each of your customers. It includes TV entertainment through a crystal clear 16-inch integrated LCD screen. This console is equipped with easy-to-use navigation, an adjustable volume, and channel controls plus Bluetooth® connectivity for audio. With the ShowRunner II console, your customers will not only enjoy their workout, but they will be more motivated to reach their goals and will come back for more!

      • The console is compatible with TRUE treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, and bikes
      • The console offers three workout types: Quick Start, Hills, and Intervals
      • Mirroring capabilities allows users to mirror current content from their personal devices directly onto the console.

      Envision 9 Console - A smaller 9” touchscreen with simpler technology and features, the True Envision II 9″ console provides users with built-in workout programs, app, and heart rate Bluetooth connectivity, and upgrade options Apple Watch connectivity.

      • Optional Apple Watch Compatibility
      • Built-In Workout Programs
      • Bluetooth Compatible
      • App Connectivity with  Apple® and Android™ devices
      • Asset Tracking with ECOFIT®
      Emerge II Console - Has a simplistic design that is inviting and offers easy navigation. This traditional console style allows users to visually see where they are on their run or workout and make adjustments. This console allows users to walk up to any TRUE machine and quickly begin walking, running, or cycling. The Emerge II Console offers advanced simplicity to meet the needs of every level of user. Call today and learn more about the Emerge II Console and how it can help your users achieve their goals!
      • Easy-to-see orange LED display
      • The console is compatible with TRUE treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals
      • Pre-programmed workouts
      • Heart Rate Control Programs &  HRC Cruise Control

      Ignite II Console - Designed to easily incorporate workouts including interval training, into any small-group training class or facility. Now, any facility can easily provide trainers and users the ability to adapt their workouts to any type of interval regimen on the go. Call today and find out how our Ignite II Console can improve your members’ workouts and help them achieve their goals.

      • Orange LED display
      • The console is compatible with TRUE treadmills and Alpine Runner Incline Trainer
      • Quick-Touch Speed and Incline Keys for Interval Training
      • Extended 5-minute pause

      Envision 22 Console - not available on this product

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